We are very aware that some members feel ready to enjoy the company of other members in the Corn Exchange, but others would prefer to wait a while before returning to larger groups. So, we have rehearsed a hybrid system of being back in the Corn Exchange for those who wish to meet and having the Zoom talk on the big screen and at the same time having the talk on Zoom for home viewing.

It is quite difficult to find speakers who are willing to visit to give their talk in case the Covid rules change. So, we hope this system will help most members to see the talks either at home or in the Corn Exchange.

In September, when we begin Corn Exchange meetings, we will follow Government guidance and u3a advice. Hand sanitiser will be available, masks can be worn and members can socially distance.

The meetings will start at the usual time of 2:30 pm.

Shela Rowan

Thursday 10th February 2022 on Zoom.

This month we are delighted to welcome to Faringdon the Librarian of the Bodley library in Oxford, Mr Richard Ovenden OBE FSA FRSA who was appointed in 2014. Prior to that Richard held positions at Durham University Library, the House of Lords’ Library and the University of Edinburgh Library.  Richard also serves as the Director of the Bodleian Library’s Centre for the study of the Book and holds a Professional Fellowship at Balliol College.

He will talk about his role and the work of libraries across the country. This should be a very interesting talk.

Thursday 10th March 2022 Live in the Corn Exchange

To the casual observer, looking upon he sky on a summer’s day, you see the white contrails of a plane, but who controls it? Phil Holt, a retired Air Traffic Controller intends to explain with his talk entitled, ‘Keep calm-I’m an Air Traffic Controller’. He covers the history and development then talks about present day flying. This humorous yet factual presentation will fascinate everyone, so, prepare for take-off!