We are having our General Meetings via Zoom until we can all meet together safely in the Corn Exchange. These will take place at 2.30pm on the second Thursday in the month, as usual. The programme of speakers has only been booked until June 2021. Future speakers may be via Zoom or when rules allow, in person again. We will continue to advertise the talks in the usual publications and of course on the Faringdon u3a website.

Each month, all our members will be sent an email and you just need to click on the button in the meeting invitation and follow the instructions. This email will be sent out by Ricky Cunningham, IT Coordinator, about a week before the meeting.  Do look in your junk file if you cannot see the email. The number of viewers has been increasing each month and we were delighted to have 100 viewers for the January talk.

Our talks cover quite a wide range of interests but if you hear a good talk and feel our members would enjoy it, do send me the details. Also, if you would like a talk on a specific topic that you think would be of general interest, again do contact me and I will try and source a speaker

Of course, we are all looking forward to seeing everyone again in the Corn Exchange, especially as some of our members have received the first dose of the vaccine. However, we must wait until the national rules allow us to meet together again.

Shela Rowan Speaker Coordinator

Thursday 13th May 2021 Via Zoom

Our speaker this month is also a returning speaker! Al Sylvester’s talk is about, ‘The RAF Mountain Rescue Service.’ Al was a renowned RAF Rescue Service leader with over 20 years of service. He has attended over 400 rescue operations including the recovery and rescue of downed aircrew from military fast jets and civilian aircraft. Thankfully, the majority of his rescue missions involved successfully searching for and evacuating injured walkers from some of the most hostile environments of the British mountain ranges. His talk this month will be about these experiences and is sure to be exciting.

Thursday 10th June 2021 Via Zoom

This month we welcome back one of our most popular speakers, Dr. David Jones who works at the Natural History Museum in London and lectures at Imperial College. He is an entomologist specialising in soil ecology and his topic for this talk is The Ecology of Earthworms. How many native species of earthworms are there in Britain, what do they eat and how do they contribute to soil processes and ecosystem health? Drawing on his own research, David reveals some of the fascinating secrets about earthworms and their role in temperate habitats.

David is a very engaging and humorous speaker who speaks interestingly about his scientific work. His talks are delivered with eloquence and a fair degree of wit!