We are very aware that some members feel ready to enjoy the company of other members in the Corn Exchange, but others would prefer to wait a while before returning to larger groups. So, we have rehearsed a hybrid system of being back in the Corn Exchange for those who wish to meet and having the zoom talk on the big screen and at the same time having the talk on zoom for home viewing.

It is quite difficult to find speakers who are willing to visit to give their talk in case the Covid rules change. So, we hope this system will help most members to see the talks either at home or in the Corn Exchange.

In September, when we begin Corn Exchange meetings, we will follow Government guidance and u3a advice. Hand sanitiser will be available, masks can be worn and members can socially distance.

The meetings will start at the usual time of 2:30 pm.

Shela Rowan

Thursday 14th October 2021

Blood, Gore and Victorian England is the gripping title of David Allen’s zoom talk this month. He will take us on a fascinating journey through the world of plots, deadly poisons and the occasional chopped-up body, using contemporaneous accounts from newspapers and law reports. David tells one meticulously researched story which is jam-packed with factual details. The current story in is a particularly blood-curdling tale, in which David will introduce you to an eccentric, bad-tempered ex-teacher who hires a new servant…but is she too good to be true? The reviews of the talk say that David is a master in his field and the audiences were held spell-bound!

Thursday 11th November 2021 A speaker in the Corn Exchange again!

Do you like a challenge? Polly Vacher MBE certainly does enjoy challenging herself and her latest surprising idea was to take her two donkeys, Wizard and Muffin on a month long, 200 mile adventure from South Oxfordshire to North Wales to raise money for the MS Society research. Polly has previously flown solo, twice around the world, in a single engine aircraft, including over the North Pole and the Antarctic. Polly will talk about her adventures and especially the ‘Donkathon’ which she completed in July of this year.

Thursday 9th December 2021

War is a grim business, but romance doesn’t come to a grinding halt…..and neither does British humour. Wartime and Romance is the title of our zoom talk by Andy Smith. A performance poet, Andy shares real-live perspectives of two world wars gleaned from family and friends over several decades. He weaves romance and humour into an entertaining, poignant presentation that stimulates a response from audiences. It sounds very interesting.