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The Ashmolean Group visits the Ashmolean Museum each month to be guided around a separate part of the collection. Each meeting, a curator or expert gives a talk and show us the section being studied.

The programme for the Faringdon U3A Ashmolean Group is below but may be subject to change.

Date Topic
1 September Turners High Street and 19th century Academic Paintings with Gabriella Blakey
6 October Alfred Jewel and Anglo Saxon history with Jude Barrett
3 November Bronze in the Ancient World with Anne-Lise Faux
1 December Musical Instruments
5 January English Pottery and porcelain with Dinah Reynolds
2 February Mughal Paintings
2 March Symbolism in Western Art Paintings
6 April Conservation gallery and laboratory
4 May The Japanese Collections
1 June Archaeologists and their collections
6 July Coins and Money and the stories they tell.

The meetings are on the first Thursday of the month but with no meeting in August; meetings start with the group gathering at 11:00 am at a suitable location within the museum and take approximately one hour. The start time allows for group members to travel to Oxford on the 10:00am Faringdon to Oxford bus, using their bus pass.

Due to limits imposed by the Ashmolean Museum, the numbers for each month will be limited.  There will be a fee of £8 per person attending which is required at the time of signing up for the visit – if for any reason members are unable to attend  there will be no refund as numbers will have to be given to the museum in advance and payment will be required by the museum for these numbers. Arrangements have been made to accommodate all those wishing to attend but it maybe that they will be asked to attend at a later time.

For further information contact

Aileen Bridge