Group Leader – Kay Chamberlain – contact details:-

The Book Group meets once a month, usually at Kay’s house, to discuss a book provided by the local library. Twelve copies of a new book are provided each month, so the maximum number in the Group is 12. The library provides a list of available books, and once a year the group selects which ones they would most like to read – however, if none of these is available the library gets to pick one, with mixed results!

We also talk about books any of the members have read recently, and whether they would recommend them or not, and then discuss ‘life in general’ over tea and biscuits.

If you haven’t read much in the last few years then this is a way to get reading again. The range of books we have read varies from classics (Frankenstein, The Warden, The Great Gatsby), to biographies (Agent Zigzag), modern novels, and the occasional quite weird one (Perfume).

At the moment there is one book group, but if enough people are interested then a second group could be formed. If you would like to know more about setting up a book group then contact Kay.