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GroupLeaderMeeting Day/TimeFrequency
Mah JongCarolyn ClarksonWednesday pmFortnightly
Military HistoryBjorn WatsonThursday amMonthly
Music AppreciationIan ClarksonMonday amMonthly
OperaLooking for new Group LeaderMonday pmMonthly
PhotographyAnthony BurdallWednesday pmMonthly
Play ReadingMary LoveWednesday amMonthly
PoetryDavid DaltonMonday amMonthly
QigongFriday amWeekly
QuiltingLooking for new Group LeaderWednesday pmMonthly
QuizSylvia BowleyFriday amMonthly
RamblersLooking for a LeaderThursday am/pmMonthly
Recorder ConsortPeter SmithThursday pmTwice Monthly