Music Appreciation

What sort of music, you may wonder?  Well, “classical” may sound sound rather cold and forbidding, but it will have to do – and neither of these words applies to either the music or the group! We are enthusiastic and friendly, none of us professional musicians (though some sing in a choir or play an instrument) but all enjoying the chance to hear what someone has loved for a long time or newly discovered.

Each month one of us presents a programme using CDs and giving a commentary on the chosen composer(s), artist(s) or theme, with a range from the 12th century to the very new. No-one is obliged to do this – we are happy to have members who just want to listen – but preparing a programme is an additional learning experience!

I know that I have learnt a lot, and enjoyed the learning so much, in this group. Can one ask for more? Well, just one thing – coffee and cake provided at each meeting!

If you are interested, please contact Ian Clarkson on 01793 782 836 or at