Opera Group

The  Opera Group explores  the full operatic repertoire by watching a full opera each month on  DVD; we have seen over 170 operas of which some 30 are repeats, albeit never the same production, ranging from Monteverdi’s ‘L’Orfeo’ to Phillip Glass’s ‘Satyagraha’ by way of Handel, Mozart, Verdi and Puccini as well as many other composers old and new.

Programme details, including a synopsis, are provided along with Notes on the opera, its composer and reviews etc.

The first showing is on the second Monday of the month and dates for the second and third showings will be arranged to suit members of the groups.

All are very welcome. If you wish to attend, please contact one of the Group Leaders below:

Tessa Timms timmsrb@sky.com 01367 358613

Peter Robinson peterrobinsonnew@aol.com 01367 718566

Julia Burn julia@theburns.name 01367 240670