The POETRY GROUP meets in Faringdon Library on the third Monday morning of the month from 10.30am to noon.

We are a friendly group and tend to bring along poems we’ve chosen to suit a subject set in advance. And/or we write poetry ourselves to read out.

Some just come along to listen to the poetry but whatever people choose to do, comments on readings are welcome.

We charge 20p to cover tea – and biscuits too for that fee.

Sandra Cooper

An Apology – from one of your webmasters:

I have tried to insert the following Poems of the Month onto the page so that they would appear exactly as the author envisaged. Unfortunately the software I am using refuses to co-operate. As an interim measure I have posted the poems as pdf files (don’t worry!) so that they can be read by clicking on the poem’s title. To return to this page click on the back arrow.



In January, the Poetry Group read from poems concerning ‘Injustice’.

Here’s one home-spun example: age-old-domestic-injustice 

In February the theme was “Change”.

Click here for our selected pieceNo Turn to Wytham(Mark)

In March the theme was “Nostalgia”.

Click here for our selected pieceMy Woodland Maiden(Joan )

                              In April the theme was “Age”.

Click here for April’s selected poemMARK’SPoem1

                              In May the theme was “Charity”.

Click here for our choice: A Rondeau Redouble :

                              (Righteous Charity)

                              In June the theme was “Nonsense”.

Click here for our choice:NONSENSE

                              In July the theme was “Progress”.

                              Click here for our choice: Progress or Profit.

                              In September the theme was “Canals”.

                              Click here for our choice: MovementtoaSteadyBeat

Extra: Click here for the poem created by members at the recent Open Morning: Write a Line 2015

And hopefully we have now solved the problem – here are the latest submissions (November 2016)

Tennis—what a bore!
     by Stella Seddon
At the very mention of Wimbledon
My little nephew-brother would groan
Follow an imaginary ball with his eyes
And with an index finger
He would stretch and pop the inside of his cheek
Imitate the sound of ball striking racket:
Eyes to the right – pop!
How monotonous
Eyes to the left – pop!
How repetitive
Eyes to the right… wide eyes, sea-grey eyes, ocean-deep eyes.
Tennis—what a bore!
My little nephew-brother preferred football and racing cars
Head propped up
Spine twisted
Muscles atrophied
He maximised economy of movement
But trapped inside
There was a man of action.

Poetry July 2016



















From Trouble to Trouble

by David Pedder


So much trouble in U3a

And an I want 2b poetical meeting today,

How do we get started I can just hear you say

When all I can C just builds more dismay?


Perhaps a hot topic is the place 2 begin

Something that inspires you – puts U in a spin.

Then choose poem structures, iambic rhythm so trim

Though the use of blank verse may be committing a sin.


Now read it aloud, find the pulses within,

Ask for some feedback, C the edits must win.

Make sure trouble’s defeated, 4U are the boss

Even thought of defeat would be U3a’s loss.