Scrabble is a game that most people have played at least occasionally through their lives and therefore it seems a good idea for a group. So there are 2 group leaders Sylvia Bowley and Lynn Pettit, who share the group between them. The most common way of play is ‘social Scrabble’ that is with 2, 3 or 4 players sharing, with no particular time limit (although there should be) and scoring on scraps of paper. However there are out there hundreds/thousands of people who play Scrabble to Tournament standard, which is with only 2 people in play and with a timer similar to that used by chess players. Much more serious, and they know a lot of words that most of us have never come across. They are though all genuine words, not as I used to think, made up as they went along! We have the facility for both types of play, but the picture shows tournament style with timer. We are also very lucky in Faringdon U3A to have as a member the chairman of the British Scrabble Board, who while not in our group has advised us in the past by giving us a Master Class, full of useful tips. He may well do that again. We learned a lot.

So if you want a challenging group with a bunch of friendly people, and all at different levels, do not be put off by the talk of tournament, we have more social players. Do give us a try.


Dates for the remainder of 2016 and 2017 are shown below:

Date Where
12 September Lynn
10 October Sylvia
14 November Lynn
12 December Sylvia
2017 – 9 January Lynn
13 February Sylvia
13 March Lynn
10 April Sylvia
8 May Lynn
12 June Sylvia
10 July Lynn
14 August Sylvia
11 September Lynn
9 October Sylvia
13 November Lynn
11 December Sylvia

Sylvia Bowley, 53 Town End Road, Faringdon.  Tel: 01367 241296

Lynn Pettit, 14 Spinage Close, Faringdon.  Tel: 01367 242019