It is with sadness that Sheila and I announce the closure of the Sunday lunch group run by us. It is of course a viable group so anyone who would like to could take it over. There are between 10 and 15 people who fairly regularly attend. Just book a venue/pub, and let the members know! The original idea was that the group would be run by the whole group in  turn, but that has failed and we feel that we need a rest!

This group has been in existence for most of the 10 years we have been running. The idea was at the beginning that there would be no set leader and that people would take it in turns to organize a booking at a local pub or restaurant. Over the years of course things have changed and nowadays usually it is one of two people who do it,  Sheila Donovan and Sylvia Bowley. But we are always delighted to have a month off when someone else organizes it. The numbers vary between 10 and 20 and are both single people and couples, so do NOT think it is just a gathering for single ladies, far from the truth. The booking is usually all that we do, sometimes negotiating a price or at least the inclusion of coffee, but the payment is made by each individual person or couple. This is stated to the landlord/owner at the time of booking. Otherwise it becomes all too complicated for the leader to collect and work out the amounts. However at the end of the meal we do usually collect a group ‘tip’. We mostly eat in Faringdon, sometimes venturing a few miles outside, but never too far. If you do not drive, we can usually solve that problem too!

It’s an excellent gathering of people. Discussion ranges during the gathering and we solve all the world’s problems – we wish!

Do join us, especially if new to the area you discover pubs and meet people and make friends.

Sunday 20 August – Waggon and Horses, Southmoor – Carvery or choice from menu. 12.15

Sign up on lists at monthly meeting or contact Sheila Donovan at or call 01367 243363