We visit theatres within reasonable distance, and in convivial company. In recent times we have visited The Everyman in Cheltenham, The Theatre Royal in Bath, The Watermill near Newbury, The Playhouse in Oxford as well as experiencing Shakespearian productions both in the Open Air and at Stratford. Our tastes are wide ranging include opera and ballet, comedy, thrillers and musicals. We are mentioned in the newsletter but full details can be found here on the web site or you could be on our emailing list and then you receive the information first.

There are now 70 plus  members of the theatregoers, we travel either by coach or sometimes the community bus (when numbers are low). Sometimes we have lunch before the performance. Mostly matinees, but occasionally evening performances. An excellent time well spent.

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The latest booking

Join our NEW trip for a daring tale of live music, laughter and bravery for this heroic Christmas adventure!

ROBIN HOOD  at the WATERMILL  8th December, Matinee

Yes this is the old tale of Robin Hood returning to his home and finding the greedy Sheriff of Nottingham starving the local people. He vows to be brave and stand up for the local people! This hilarious new adaptation written by children’s author Laura Dockrill, promises to be a visit back to our younger years. If anyone came to see The Borrowers last year I am hoping it will be fun like that without being a  Panto! It is a matinee and is on Saturday 8th December. We will be travelling by community bus and as usual need to know whether you require lunch (separate cost) before the show. The cost for the show and transport is £35 and the deadline for booking this is 29th August.

As usual send your cheque for complete payment to Jane using the form marking the back of the cheque with performance details. Look forward to you joining us!

AND FOR THE NEW YEAR! (yes already!) Saturday January 26th, matinee. We visIt Cheltenham to see


It is the 30th anniversary and stars Keith Jack (Any Dream will Do/Joseph and his

Technicolor Dreamcoat). Based on the 1980 Film, it follows the lives of students at the

New York High School for Performing Arts, as they navigate their way through life. Full of familiar songs and the latest of several re-runs since the 80’s it continues to be a much loved musical.  Our price is £45 for ticket plus transport, and deadline for booking is October 22nd.

As usual send your cheque for complete payment to Jane using the form marking the back of the cheque with performance details. Look forward to you joining us!

As always with all bookings, the name of the performance clearly marked on the back of the cheque and for more than one performance, separate cheques!

Contact Sylvia Bowley 01367 241296 sylkenbow@talktalk.net  or Jane Horey 01793 766177 janehorey@hotmail.com

All members are welcome to join us on any trip, also should you wish to go to the venue (Cheltenham or Stratford, as a tourist or shopper and not the theatre) then it would be possible to use the coach as transport only. We do have a mailing list of interested members, and when we book an outing anybody on that list will receive notification, so if you do not receive such emails (or letters) and would like to, then contact me – Sylvia Bowley 01367 241296 – sylkenbow@talktalk.net, to be added. Alternatively if you are on the list, and no longer interested then contact me to be removed.

If you have any ideas yourselves or particular wishes then please tell us and we will see what we can do.

We have an emailing (non email too) list of everyone who has shown an interest, if you do not wish to be on that mailing list any more then please let us know.

Sylvia Bowley 01367 241296

Margaret Starr

Jane Horey 01793 766177