Isle of Man Visit 2014

Well I promised good weather and my power held, and the sea was calm. My fellow travelers came to the conclusion that the chairman’s powers held as long as we were under 1000 ft but when we ventured higher then the clouds came scudding over! But no rain! At least till we had finished and were on the way home!

Barnes did a good job again with organizing the tour, the driver and the hotel, and I did the rest, doesn’t sound a lot but believe me it was. We all had a fantastic time with 4 out of the five days fully occupied with seeing the island, and a beautiful island it is too, and the 5th day free in Douglas to do as we wished. Some chose to promenade (and there is a 2 mile one to do so on)…some shopped, some walked, and some ventured further afield on the train/tram to other towns. And a few went to the Parliament buildings and had a tour to see how the governing system works. Most of us also tried the delicious ice cream available there. Recommended!

The hotel was good, with reasonable food, served in a separate dining room, lovely breakfasts (help yourself). The evenings we spent in various ways – played bridge, quizzed, listened to the piano music in the bar, some went out to view the lights along the prom. I think everyone feels that to travel with a group you know already is a tremendous bonus when there is always someone to talk to. The hotel was also home to different travelers and when we first arrived, obviously fresh from the ferry, it was to discover a group of bikers with their machines outside, and fleetingly we wondered! but they were lovely people and willing to chat about their machines and even offer a ride! The hotel had a very grand entrance with a glassed in staircase but if you are disabled then there is another access from the level, no problem. A lift also available to get you to your room.

This is a selection of our photographs form our recent short visit to the Isle of Man click on any to see a full carousel of the slides.